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    Get ready for a thrilling culinary contest that will keep you on your toes! Each card drawn brings new surprises, intense strategy, and the exciting prospect of out-cooking your opponents.

    Celebrate Iconic Asian Cuisine 🎉

    Immerse yourself in the iconic flavors of Asian heritage. With over 30 diverse, adorable Asian foods represented, there's plenty of variety to keep the game fresh and exciting.

    Make Unforgettable Memories 🫶

    Every turn is a chance for laughter, sabotage and (most importantly) connection. As you compete in becoming the winner of the potluck, you're creating everlasting moments with your friends, colleagues and family.

    • Matt L.

      Two of my passions combined – Asian food and tabletop gaming! Potluck Showdown is an absolute winner in my book.

    • Jane K.

      I've introduced it to my family game nights, and it's become an instant hit with my daughter. Such a fun way to learn about Asian cuisine!

    • Hannah Z.

      Potluck Showdown is a 5 star meal in the form of a card game! It's the perfect game for gatherings, and the cultural theme adds a special touch.

      What's Included In The Game?

      The Potluck Showdown Game comes with the following:

      • 90 Recipe Cards
      • 38 Action Cards
      • 6 Disaster Cards
      • Instruction Booklet
      • Game Box

      You’ve been invited to the first potluck with an unexpected twist...

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